PTA News

Here is a brief run down of our upcoming events so that you are in the know and you can better answer questions from students/guardians.  As always, feel free to send questions our way and we are happy to answer the best that we can as well.

Friday, February 9th - 3rd Art Project
Students will complete during Resource class.  
These are projects will all be Math Art.

Friday, February 16th - 6:00pm - YBES Gym - BINGO Night
All are welcome to attend!  The cost will be $10 for 15 games of BINGO.  There are some amazing prizes being donated from vendors.  As they are coming in I am posting them to the YBES PTA page if you want to take a peek.

Wednesday, March 7th - YBES Blood Drive - 1:00-6:00 YBES Gym
This is near and dear to my heart.  If you're a regular donor or a first time donor this would be a great time to carve a little time into your calendar to donate.  Our goal is 30 pints and we hope that you can help us reach that goal. Use codeword Tigers to get to our drive through the link below.

Please read over the donor material for eligibility and consider giving - whether it's your first try or you've already donated 5 gallons. We welcome all family and friends of YBES students.

Thanks for all that each of you do to make YBES a great place for our students!

PTA 2017-18 Power Plans

PTA Board members

PTA Officers 2017-18

President     Afton Fisher

Vice President    Tammy Worth

Treasurer        Amanda Thompson

Secretary        Brandy Phillips

Volunteer Coordinator    Tori Dellis

Way & Means    Sareenia Gunter

PTA Schedule of Performances for 2017-18

October 10 - 2nd grade
November 14 - 1st grade
December 12 - Kindergarten/4th & 5th grade Instrument Ensemble
March 20 - 3rd grade
April 17 - Talent Show
May 15 - PreK

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